6 – Best E-commerce Design

Let’s have a close look at most craved brilliants of the mobile ecommerce application design. A lot of sites have been redesigned lately in order to match the best expectations of nowadays audience.

Most platforms like WordPress, Shopify, Magento etc. are totally linked to shops’ designing. The latest trends make people redesign a lot of stuff, by the way some features get simplified as well as the others keep getting more and more complex.

Here’s the list of 6 most popular trends emerging this year.

1. Interface that is finger friendly

A lot of people will see your site on any kind of mobile device before they actually reach to in on their PC. This leads to a lot of sites being mobile-oriented and rather finger-friendly (meaning they’re designed with high touchscreen options).  Some are made for stylus, others are more like multi-touch feature.

Here are two major features to wait for:

  • Less content sliders. They are not handy at all, so most of them are useless as the mobile-oriented feature. They are more made for websites, and that’s not a trend at all.
  • Larger buttons. They will definitely grow, both for navigation and links for people to see them and operate them easier.

2. Page full of content

The page shall now contain more materials to see, this means designers shall pay more attention to all possible ways to combine information and let it get reachable in an easy way.

One option is quick views, all kinds of small pictures people can use to get a quick glimpse on goods or photos. This will allow people to see detailed information without leaving the current page. Less clicking – more profit.

The other option is sure thing the cloud. This lets people to choose the subject of their interest without any hesitations and distractions. Moreover, they can always choose the exact purpose of their search matching their needs completely.

3. Design with responsive twist

Responsive design is major feature for mobile ecommerce applications design. Still this doesn’t mean the developers will turn their attention away from PC sites, so two ways of page designing will still go hand in hand.

Any site having two kinds of its index page will get the opportunity to gather attention of both mobile device users and PC owners.

4. Tricky Fonts

Never underestimate fonts! This is the basic rule of the new IT world of mobile ecommerce apps. The fonts are ripping out of basic limits and appear to be the part of page design. They get really important in creating the look of your store, so do not hesitate to use the most popular and attractive fonts.

5. Graphics keep growing

This feature may seem to contradict the previous one concerning having more content at one page. However big graphics help to draw attention to the site and make it more attractive. Also the size of the picture is limited by the screen, so you may be sure it won’t be oversized in PC version.

All graphics are mended according to the device they’re made for and strongly related to the size of the screen.

6. Video Content

This year we will most likely see twice more videos on various sites then we saw last year. This is the source of useful content, which is suitable both for PC and mobile devices and requires a new scale of the media content distribution.

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